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Hi I’m Rosie Acosta. I am a Meditation Teacher; Speaker and Author of You Are Radically Loved: A healing journey to self-love. I grew up in East Los Angeles during the 92 La Riots and it set me on a troubled path for many years. I didn’t grow up with mentors in my life, so I turned to reading as many books as I possibly could to learn about life’s purpose. In my journey as a First Gen-Mexican American, I found having these conversations gave me insight, support, and inspiration. So, I decided to create a place where I could share these conversations with my community. The Radically Loved Podcast was born! How do we create a radically loved life? Come have a sit with me so we can discover all things mindfulness, spirituality, self-love, and overall healthy living. Please be sure to share the episodes that you love and also leave us a review!
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Nov 26, 2021

A Guide To Pregnancy Options And Fertility Alternatives With Dr. Jessie Rubin

Having children is a lifelong dream for many women. For some, they see it as their purpose and calling in life. However, pregnancy is not something that comes easy for all women. The journey looks different for every individual, and various factors affect how it goes. Fortunately, there are various pregnancy options  for women who are having a hard time getting pregnant naturally. And these alternatives are all valid ways to build a family.

In this episode, Dr. Jessie Rubin joins us to talk about fertility struggles and pregnancy options. She discusses the process of IVF, how to optimize its success, and its cost. She also touches on the different treatments and options for female and male infertility. Dr. Jessie then lays down some critical tips in optimizing women’s chances of pregnancy. She imparts how to make the initial consult and the importance of seeing a fertility specialist.

Tune in to this episode to learn the different alternatives for natural pregnancy.




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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the different processes of infertility treatment.
  2. Learn why both female and male fertility testing are critical in the pregnancy journey.
  3. Find out how to optimize women’s chances of getting pregnant.


Episode Highlights

Reason for Increasing Women’s Fertility Struggles

  • Women are delaying when to have children. They make sure we feel professionally, personally, and spiritually ready before deciding to have children.
  • Women are becoming more open and vocal about their fertility journey.
  • It used to be taboo to talk about fertility struggles. But now, it’s becoming a common thing to talk about.

Pregnant at 35 or Geriatric

  • There’s a notion that women need to have kids before 35. Otherwise, they will be considered geriatric.
  • Reaching 35 increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnancy complications.
  • Health is more critical in increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy at any age.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • IVF is an excellent option for women struggling with natural pregnancy or who have a fallopian tube problem.
  • One branch of IVF is freezing eggs and doing fertility preservation.
  • The IVF process takes about two weeks. It involves taking medication to have the body get overstimulated and grow more than one egg.
  • Egg retrieval happens after two weeks of daily medication.
  • The process only involves around three to four doctor’s visits. It’s often a successful option depending on a woman’s personal fertility journey.

Embryo Banking

  • Embryo banking involves doing multiple IVF cycles in a row.
  • An embryo is a fertilized egg.
  • Many women in their mid to late-30s who want to have multiple children take part in this process.
  • We also refer to the fertilized eggs collected in this process as “embryos for the future.”

Optimizing IVF Success

  • It becomes hard to be successful with IVF as women get older.
  • Changes in both the health and number of eggs start in the mid-30s.
  • IVF becomes a challenge for women in their early 40s because of the diminishing egg number and quality.
  • It’s best to make an appointment with a fertility doctor for assessment sooner rather than later.

IVF Cycle Success Rate

  • Younger women are more likely to undergo fewer IVF cycles and find success.
  • Ovarian reserve involves undergoing blood tests and ultrasound to check for the egg count.
  • The higher the egg count is, the better.
  • Not everybody’s IVF journey is the same. The individual woman and the results of their partner’s screening are matters of consideration.

Male Fertility Testing

  • Men’s fertility doesn't get affected as much as women get by age. However, reaching the age of 45 may show some increased risk for future offspring.
  • About 20 to 25% of infertility cases involve a male factor component.
  • It’s crucial to have the male partner assessed as well from the initial visit.
  • Men can make sperm every couple of months. However, it also takes some time to treat abnormalities once they get detected.

Options for Male Infertility

  • The treatment can include taking multivitamins, hormone medication, and surgery like a testicular biopsy to extract sperm.
  • The field of male infertility has developed significantly over the last years.
  • Men doing semen analysis is just as important as women doing fertility testing.

Initial Steps for Women’s Infertility Treatment

  • Fertility assessment becomes necessary for women under 35 who have been trying to get pregnant for over a year.
  • There’s a 20% chance to get pregnant every month if everything’s healthy and normal.
  • Doctors recommend doing a fertility evaluation for women in their mid-30s who have been trying for six months.
  • Fallopian tube issues, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and irregular menstrual cycles should be addressed by a fertility doctor.

How to Optimize Women’s Chance of Pregnancy

  • Know whether you fit under normal parameters or infertility.
  • Check with a fertility doctor for baseline testing if there's anything you're worried about.
  • Make sure to take prenatal vitamins and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pregnancy puts stress on the body. Being healthy helps ensure a successful and uncomplicated pregnancy and postpartum course.

Options for Women with Low Egg Count

  • Having very low egg counts can mean not growing enough eggs for a successful IVF cycle.
  • The first option is to try and see how you will respond with IVF.
  • Another option is taking oral medications and combining them with insemination. It tries to get you to grow only two or three eggs.
  • The third alternative is donor egg therapy or treatment. It involves using eggs from a woman donor who’s typically in her 20s.
  • Women can purchase donor eggs, fertilize them with a partner donor sperm, and carry on with the pregnancy. It works for women of different ages.

Fertility Treatment Financial Options

  • Jessie's clinic Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) is part of the Prelude Fertility Network.
  • The Prelude Fertility Network offers discounted rates for egg freezing ranging from $9000 to $11,000 per cycle.
  • RBA also offers discounted rates for multiple IVF cycle packages.
  • Patients can also apply for loan programs and other financing options.
  • There are many fertility treatment grants for women diagnosed with cancer.

How Dr. Jessie Became a Fertility Specialist

  • Jessie wanted to be a physician from a young age. She came from a family of doctors.
  • She used to joke that she doesn’t want to be an OB-GYN because she doesn’t want to deal with hormonal women.
  • She immediately realized it was where she wanted to be during her infertility rotation during medical school.
  • Her job is to figure out how to take the stress off the patient's journey and get them pregnant. Tune in to the full episode to hear more about Dr. Jessie's job!
  • She doesn’t feel she’s working because she’s having fun helping women create babies.

5 Powerful Quotes

[19:32] “Remember that even though there are traditional statistics of how women's egg number declines with time, not everybody is exactly like the statistic.”

[20:02] "I think the biggest message overall is although it can be really intimidating to sit down with a fertility doctor and hear what might be wrong, or what might not be a normal result, it's really helpful because there's a lot of different options that are out there."

[29:08] “While it's such a hard journey, I think it's really called a journey for a reason because for most women, it's not an easy thing. And there are bumps along the way but most of the time we are able to achieve that success at the end..”

[33:50] “The universe works for us and not against us. And I think we see that by looking around in the world, in the environment, all the support of friends and family, especially for people going through fertility journeys.”

[34:00] “We don't operate as independent beings, I think we are so shaped by the environment we were raised in and the community that's around us.”

About Dr. Jessie

Dr. Jessica Rubin is a board-certified Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist. Dr. Jessie's clinical interests include fertility preservation, in vitro fertilization, third-party reproduction, PCOS, and diminished ovarian reserve. Furthermore, she focuses on fertility preservation for women undergoing cancer therapy.

Dr. Jessie is known as a passionate patient advocate providing an individualized approach to fertility medicine. She has received several awards for her scholastic achievements and research endeavors. She has also co-authored book chapters on ways to preserve fertility for cancer patients.

If you wish to connect with Dr. Jessie, you may visit Reproductive Biology Associates.

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To feeling radically loved,


Nov 24, 2021

Discover Your True Mentor in Integrating Wisdom

The unpleasant reality of growth may bury our dreams into the depths of despair. Along the way, we might stumble upon multiple failures that hinder us from moving forward. Misunderstandings often arise because we fail to transform errors into our own learning process.

In this episode, Tessa and Rosie exchanged ideas on the essence of encapsulating knowledge before relaying them to others. They define the traits of a good mentor and the reasons why we need their guidance. To keep the podcast exciting, Rosie shares her harsh experience and encounters with unexpected people before becoming the person she is now.

If you desire to embody your wisdom and search for your true mentorship, this episode is definitely for you!       

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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover ways to integrate wisdom into your experiences.
  1. Learn how to assess and search for your right mentor.
  1. Find out how Rosie and Tessa feel radically loved by listening to the full episode!


Episode Highlights

Integrating Wisdom and Experience

  • Embodying knowledge is key when imparting it to another.
  • Mere pieces of training are inadequate in compensating experiences.
  • Wisdom comes in lived experience. Without the experience, a person would encounter more issues than necessary.
  • We have to be a ‘seasoned captain’ with an ‘equipped vessel’ to survive the tide.
  • Becoming an expert at something is a ‘marathon’, not a ‘sprint’.

Process of Applying Knowledge

  • Imitate, integrate, and then innovate from your mentors’ learnings.
  • Have a mentor to mimic their teachings.
  • Integrate the knowledge and put it into practice.
  • Lastly, apply the teachings and practices of your own accord when you pursue something.

Searching for the Right Mentor

  • When finding your mentor, assess it with the way they integrate their teachings.
  • Utilize your instinct when choosing the right mentor for you.
  • Embody and integrate the teachings of your mentor.

First-time Experiences

  • Perfectionism shouldn’t stop us from delving into our pursuit.
  • Being uncomfortable when attempting a new vocation is part of the process.
  • First attempts are always the hardest.
  • Some people are born with it, while others need to work harder to catch up.
  • Wearing the beginner’s hat is a humbling, yet important experience to have.

Signs of a Good Mentor

  • A good teacher tells you the difficulty of being in the learning process.
  • Someone handing you your career on a silver platter won’t last you long in the industry.
  • Achieving something substantial in life needs to stand the test of time.

Rosie’s Meeting with Her Book-Writing Agents

  • Her psychic advised her to participate in a writer’s conference.
  • During the conference, she proceeded to book pitch meeting sessions with three different agents.
  • At first, she was unaware that a book proposal was required for the pitch sessions. Immediately, she created the proposal consisting of two pages through Google Docs.
  • Her first rejection left her devastated. An agent told her that the meeting was a waste of both of their respective times.
  • However, she met a person who granted her hope after the embarrassment. Listen to the podcast to find out how finding the right person guided Rosie through her book-writing journey.

Rosie’s Lessons from Harsh Realities

  • She wouldn’t have changed the interaction she had with her first agent.
  • The harshness was exactly what she needed to fuel her passion and proceed.
  • The reality is that people would usually judge a person by their outward success instead of analyzing the work that has led to their current standing.
  • Once you’ve accomplished your dream, external validation suddenly doesn’t even matter anymore.

Rosie’s Meeting with the Right Mentor

  • You meet mentors at unexpected places.
  • If it wasn’t because of her psychic’s advice, she wouldn’t be who she is right now.
  • The late Michael Stone was also the reason she started her own podcast.

Tessa’s Closing Thoughts

  • It’s never too late to delve into a new pursuit and learn something from it despite the failure.
  • Transform the negative criticisms into a learning experience.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[10:14] “A captain with a well-equipped vessel that's not been seasoned, is dangerous.”


[20:41] “I feel like when we're not having those moments of discomfort, we're getting really settled in our little cozy blanket of staying the same.”


[28:32] “Google is your best friend when you have no idea where to start.”


[45:57] “We encourage you to utilize your own internal experience, use your wisdom, find the people in your life that are going to help you get there.”


[47:51] “What I guess I would say is how I'm feeling is that it's never too late to try again, to pick it up to fail again, and learn something new.”

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To feeling radically loved,



Nov 19, 2021

Navigating Life on a Wing and a Prayer: Having a Spiritual Practice with Kushal M. Choksi

Life is not a race. We’ve heard it countless times before. But with how our society is right now, it’s not easy to unsee it as such. Many people are deep into the hustle culture. We’re wired to grind, grind, grind without stopping. But if we pause and look at the greater scheme of things, is it really all worth it? Is running a rat race all there is to life? No—and it doesn’t have to take a momentous event for us to wake up and start truly living our lives.

In this episode, Kushal M. Choksi joins us to talk about his life-changing spiritual practice  and meditation journey. He writes about this story in his book On A Wing And A Prayer. Kushal lets us in on the deeper meaning behind the book and its title. He also shares his definition of spirituality and how everyone can acquire this state of being. Kushal says that we are never too busy to meditate. It’s a matter of little time commitment and finding your modality.

Tune in to this episode to learn how to achieve a naturally still state of mind with a spiritual practice!



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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Reflect on the rat race we call life.
  2. Discover how having a spiritual practice can help you navigate life better.
  3. Find out two things that will help you get unstuck.


Episode Highlights

What Led Kushal to Write a Book

  • It took Kushal almost 20 years to tell On a Wing and a Prayer’s story.
  • Prior to 9/11, Kushal was deep into the rat race of wanting to live the American dream. He worked in Wall Street and had a type-A personality.
  • His miraculous 9/11 escape woke him up. At that moment, he began questioning the status quo.
  • Kushal stumbled upon the journey of breathwork and meditation, which changed his life. He believes it’s worthwhile to share what he has experienced with the world.

Going through the Motions of Life

  • Going through the motions of our careers is a strange self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • The more you succeed, the faster the currents drag you along. You’ll wake up one day, and 20 or 30 years of your life have gone past.
  • As humans, it is supposedly in our nature to evolve.
  • Yet, it often takes a momentous event for us to drop the monotonous, mundane rat race and aspire for something bigger.

On a Wing and a Prayer

  • The book title’s double meaning roots from Kushal’s interest in aviation.
  • WWII pilot Hugh Ashcraft Jr. came back from the enemy war-front while operating a damaged plane. He radioed the tower: "I'm coming into land on a wing and a prayer."
  • Kushal thought that Hugh Ashcraft Jr.’s experience was analogous to his story.

Being a First-Time Author

  • The feedback on his book has been very encouraging.
  • He wanted to put himself out there with no filters and tinted glasses. Kushal calls it “open kimono” writing.
  • He had no process in writing the book; the book wrote itself.
  • Digging through the memories of 9/11 was the most challenging part of writing. Kushal also had difficulty with the chronology of events.
  • Overall, he enjoyed the book writing process.

Kushal’s Definition of Spirituality

  • To Kushal, being spiritual is being natural in any circumstances.
  • A spiritual practice, in essence, is about being in touch with yourself.
  • Life becomes so natural and in a flow state when you’re in touch with yourself effortlessly.

The Impact of the Pandemic

  • The pandemic evoked very similar emotions from that of Kushal’s 9/11 experience.
  • It was the same familiar walls narrowing in. But his response to it was very different from the first time around.
  • It was much more effortless and seamless to go through without bogging him down completely.

Having a Spiritual Practice

  • The pursuit of joy, desires, and ambitions is not mutually exclusive to meditation and spiritual practice.
  • Kushal previously had a wrong notion that meditation was anti-progress. He thought he had to give up everything to meditate.
  • Even taking 20 minutes out of the day for your spiritual practice can make everything much more vibrant.

What He Wants Readers to Feel After Reading the Book

  • Kushal wants readers to feel that if he can do it, anyone can.
  • Getting into a still state of mind is not something that requires years of practice.
  • We all have it; it’s only a matter of uncovering it through a little time commitment for your spiritual practice.
  • He wants every soul on the planet to experience a thoughtless state of mind, as it is a source of creativity, productivity, and liveliness.

How to Get Unstuck

  • First, look at life as a game. Perceive it as something you go through without emotions.
  • Second, adopt a practice—anything that will get you out of it.
  • Unpleasant things in life will always happen. How you go through it will depend on the conditioning of your mind.
  • It's the patterns of our minds that keep us stuck to something. You will move without feeling stuck if you remove the grip of that conditioning in your system.
  • Figure out your own modality. What worked for Kushal is the SKY breath technique.

SKY Breath-Based Technique

  • SKY is a breathing technique that makes use of the rhythms of our breath. It introduces coherence and harmony within ourselves.
  • Our physical, cognitive, perception, memory, intellect, and ego functions go out of whack as life happens to us.
  • A few minutes of SKY breath meditation brings them into a rhythm.
  • Naturally feeling in the moment is feeling unstuck for Kushal.
  • Feeling unstuck becomes natural even after just a few days of practicing the technique.

No Such Thing as “Too Busy” for Meditation

  • We have a lot of time on our hands. We're never too busy to meditate.
  • For an arrow to tear forward, you have to pull it back. Taking a few minutes out of the day to connect with yourself is key to effectively showing up in life.
  • Mental hygiene is also just as important as physical hygiene.
  • The information we used to consume in 30 years, we now consume in 3 months. The world demands more of us, so we need to take more care of our mental health.
  • It’s critical to keep our vital force and energy up. Breathing and a calm state of mind are crucial yet ignored sources of energy.

How Kushal Feels Radically Loved

  • Being in the moment is how Kushal feels radically loved.
  • It’s being grateful that the universe is loving us unconditionally in every moment.
  • Feeling grateful and being aware of it brings that love.

5 Powerful Quotes

[03:23] “If our nature is to evolve, we’re all moving, step-by-step evolving towards a higher purpose, then why does it take a momentous event, maybe a loss or a 9/11, for us to wake up and ask that bigger question that actually moves us toward our goal?”

[09:36] “To me, being spiritual is being natural in any circumstances, being yourself no matter what.”

[10:17] “When you’re in touch with that delicate space within you, I think everything that you do in life just becomes so natural and normal. It just flows.”

[14:27] “Even wanting to enjoy the world, wanting to enjoy life and the pursuits, desires, and ambitions, they’re not mutually exclusive to your practice of meditation.”

[22:12] “For an arrow to tear forward, you have to pull it back a little bit.”

About Kushal

Kushal M. Choksi is an entrepreneur, author, and former Wall Street trader. Narrowly surviving the 9/11 attacks and escaping death made him realize that that life was too short to be playing safe. Since then, he became the founder and CEO of Clavileno Capital. Together with his wife, they co-founded Elements Truffles, an artisanal chocolate company.

Kushal also wrote the book On a Wing and a Prayer. It tells his account of narrowly escaping death during the 9/11 attacks. He shares his journey of spiritual practice, shadowing the spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

If you wish to connect with Kushal, you may visit his website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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To feeling radically loved,


Nov 17, 2021

#WisdomWednesday — What’s Meant to Be: Discerning Ego And Dharma With Gerardo Gonzalez

As the saying goes, the ego is the enemy. We all have to battle with our egos as we try to understand ourselves. It's also challenging to discover our dharma — our path to becoming what we're meant to be . It can be a challenging quest to complete as we face external pressure and worldly desires. Becoming aware of our ego is key to keeping ourselves grounded and balanced as we search for our divine purpose.

In this episode, Rosie and Tessa sit down with their first-ever guest on Wisdom Wednesday, Gerardo Gonzalez. Gerardo shares his story and seeks to find wisdom about his ego-driven struggle to follow his dharma. They answer the question, “How do you differentiate ego and dharma?” Rosie and Tessa also share their insights on dealing with the ego without allowing it to take over your dharma. They leave pieces of advice for Gerardo's quest to unfold his path while staying balanced and grounded.

Tune in to this episode and discover how to fulfill your dharma without letting your ego take over!




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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the difference between operating from the ego and fulfilling your dharma.
  2. Hear Gerardo's story about his ego-driven struggle to fulfill his dharma. 
  3. Learn from Rosie and Tessa’s pieces of advice for Gerardo about becoming what you’re meant to be.


  • Connect with Gerardo: Instagram
  • Watch Wisdom Wednesday videos on YouTube
  • We’d love to get a listener on board the Wisdom Wednesday Podcast! Send us an email at with the subject “Wisdom Wednesday Guest” and tell us your name, contact information, and any topic or question you’d want to discuss.


Episode Highlights

A Little About Gerardo

  • Gerardo is a yoga teacher with almost 300 hours of training.
  • He also has an engineering job.
  • Yoga is his passion.
  • He dreams of opening a yoga studio but is unsure if getting a studio is his dharma or would be nothing more than fueling his ego.

Defining Ego

  • The ego is a klesha — one of the five afflictions of the mind. It’s a desire for more pleasure.
  • The other four are ignorance, attachment, aversion, and fear of death.
  • When you operate from any of these states, it’s going to cause suffering.
  • The ego is a part of us that desires validation. It's an insatiable type of energetic or power-driven acquisition.
  • When we feed our ego, we feed a part of ourselves that isn’t serving our highest good.

Defining Dharma

  • Your dharma is your path, journey, destination, or unique pathway to achieving enlightenment or happiness.
  • It is a predetermined path that you instinctively acquire.
  • Straying away from your path can cause unhappiness.

Ego vs. Dharma

  • Operating from the ego is very self-serving.
  • Meanwhile, following your dharma is self-serving while also being in the service of others.
  • When you follow your dharma, you do act without any expectations.
  • Your ego serves your worldly or fleeting desires. Your dharma serves your spiritual desires.

Differentiating Ego and Dharma

  • Ask yourself, "would I do this if I wasn't getting paid?" or, "would I do this if I knew nobody would ever see it?"
  • If you answer yes, then it's a higher calling. It's your dharma — it's meant to be.
  • Play the whole thing in your mind. Imagine doing something without money, recognition, or attention.
  • There’s always going to be ego. What matters is how you utilize your ego to fuel what your purpose is meant to be.
  • The ego and dharma can work together in harmony if the ego does not take the reins.

Following The Path to What You’re Meant to Be

  • It's challenging to follow a path that can't pay your bills.
  • Rosie diversified her yoga career and stabilized the path she wanted to take.
  • For Rosie, once you find the gravitas, there is just you and success.
  • Rosie's advice is: dive in.

Gerardo’s Story

  • His yoga teacher training experience allowed him to discover that he has a well-developed ego and wanted to work on it.
  • He acknowledges that his ego helped him get to where he is, but it also hampers him.
  • Gerardo shares that he worries about anything that feeds his ego — he thinks it’s dangerous.
  • He gets vulnerable when his students acknowledge his work as a yoga teacher.

Rosie’s Response To Gerardo

  • Awareness of the ego is a step in the right direction to what’s meant to be.
  • There is a difference between being confident and being egocentric.
  • It’s okay to be recognized for helping others. What’s important is you don’t allow your ego to take over and prevent you from what’s meant to be.
  • Allow yourself to have the confidence to say you’re a good teacher. Be proud that you can help other people.
  • It’s still important to have the confidence to do something well. That confidence can inspire someone else to be confident too.

Tessa’s Response To Gerardo

  • It's a matter of knowing how to stay balanced and grounded even if our ego is getting fed.
  • The practices in your life that keep you grounded are your safety net.
  • We need our checks and balances to keep us honest.
  • When it comes to jumping into a new venture, practice the worst-case scenario in your head to see if you are open to failure and capable of adjusting.

Rosie’s Writing Journey

  • Rosie opens up about her journey of writing a book and dealing with final edits.
  • She shares how her ego made her feel that her work could be better due to her perfectionist tendencies.
  • She explains to Gerardo that expectations coming from the desire to be perfect are premeditated resentment. Those come from the ego.
  • Rosie assures Gerardo that it is a challenge to follow your path without getting the ego involved. Awareness is critical.

5 Powerful Quotes

[18:14] “There’s always going to be ego in whatever you do, right? But how are you going to utilize it to fuel what your purpose is? As opposed to, ‘allow the ego to take over and let the ego take the reins.’”

[22:14] "If we let the ego drive — like if the ego is in the driver's seat with the reins — we can become these people that are so far separated from our Dharma and our self that we don't even recognize that maybe we take a wrong turn, and it becomes very dark and scary and lonely."

[23:06] “Your character is a result of you living your Dharma.”

[29:44] “I think it’s ego [that] has helped me get there, but I can’t rely on that. It’s also hampering me.”

[35:00] “I think it’s really important to have confidence but to not let it become egocentric.”

About the Guest

Gerardo Gonzalez is a yoga teacher, engineer, father of three, and the first-ever guest on Wisdom Wednesday. He is passionate about experiencing a well-lived life through yoga, books, travel, food, and experiences. He currently has an engineering job but seeks to venture into a path living out his passion for yoga. For him, yoga is a tool that enables him to live a good life.

You can connect with Gerardo via Instagram.

Nov 12, 2021

Society has a lot to say about what women can and can’t do. Historically, women have always been more subject to absurd rules, constraints, and restrictions—things we’re still unlearning today. To reach true freedom, we have to heal from these decades of societal trauma fully. That’s why woman empowerment  is a phrase that carries a lot of weight.

In this episode, Amina AlTai talks about her mission of helping women reconnect and come home to themselves. She shares how she healed from crashing and burning and how it led her to become a coach. Amina delves into woman empowerment, purpose, wisdom, community, faith, freedom, and self-care. She also discusses women’s relationship with money and guilt in attaining financial success.

Tune in to this episode if you want to reconnect with yourself as a woman and be a vehicle for woman empowerment!


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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out the difference between wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Discovery why women should perpetually choose faith and freedom for woman empowerment.
  3. Learn more about a woman’s relationship with money and financial success.


Episode Highlights

The Power of Names

  • It’s worth mentioning that in honoring how people want to be addressed, we should be considerate of their pronouns and names.
  • We lose some of our identity when people mispronounce our names. A lot of whitewashing happens around the names of people of color.
  • People mispronounce Amina’s first name more than her last name.
  • Tune in to the full episode to hear about Rosie’s childhood struggle with her name!

How Amina Became a Coach

  • Amina started her career in marketing and brand management. She worked in Corporate America for a while before putting up her own agency.
  • In her late 20s, she was deeply codependent. Leading big teams and clients at her own expense led to a crash and burn.
  • Amina developed two autoimmune diseases; that became her "stop" moment. It made her conscious of the choices she had been making.
  • She then went on an "Eat, Pray, Love" year. She went back to school and studied coaching, nutrition, movement, and meditation to heal herself.
  • She realized she had to figure out how to teach the things she learned. So, Amina went on to create a corporate wellness company.

Learning How to Teach from the Fullness of Herself

  • After starting the company, Amina realized she was teaching only from a part of herself.
  • Amina started to reflect on how she could teach from the fullness of herself. She had a series of conversations with God about her purpose and mission.
  • Her curriculum is for female leaders and women of color who want to step into their purpose.
  • The work she has been doing is about woman empowerment and inviting women to come home to themselves.
  • Serving from the place of cultural, familial, and societal programming creates a disconnect. Amina’s work is about reconnection.

Getting Invited to Look at Her Life

  • We always get invitations to look at ourselves in different ways. But sometimes, we don’t go deeper because we take it to mean something else.
  • Amina’s invitation came during her late 20s in the form of autoimmune diseases.
  • The pivot in her early 30s was feeling depressed from an inner resistance.

The Biggest Issue with Connecting with Our Sense of Woman Empowerment

  • A barrier to connecting with woman empowerment is having full permission and feeling safe to show up in the fullness of your being.
  • Brittany Packnett Cunningham’s TED talk says we need community, curiosity, and permission to build confidence.
  • Woman empowerment requires that we permit ourselves to feel our own greatness.
  • We practice permission in the community through the lens of curiosity. Then, we take it to bigger stages and expressions.

Building a Community During a Pandemic

  • Amina is optimistic about seeing people again physically.
  • Currently, she’s living in a hybrid world where she meets with her clients and friends via Zoom and in-person.
  • She loves being in a community and is ready for more. Amina hopes that the world will be supportive of that soon.

What Wisdom Means to Amina

  • Wisdom, for Amina, is the connection, trust, and collaboration with our Godself.
  • She was disconnected from her Godself when she was starting her journey.
  • Empirical data and information do not equal wisdom. Wisdom is measured by our soul and our relationship with spirituality and a higher power.
  • The most transformational experiences for Amina in the last decade were her relationships with God, Godself, and wisdom versus knowledge.

The Lessons Amina Teaches

  • We teach the lessons we need most.
  • The lessons that remain part of Amina’s transformative process are choosing faith over fear and reaching freedom.
  • Many women don’t feel free. And this feeling interrupts our expression and success.
  • Amina knows it’s time to “do the work all over again” when she feels the lack of freedom stifling. She reflects on the areas she still needs to work around.

Nourishing and Taking Care of Ourselves

  • Many women feel like they have to give away everything they have.
  • Amina thinks holistically about nourishing herself. It involves spirituality, food, movement, boundaries, finances, community, and more.
  • The hours before 11 am is Amina’s non-negotiable God time. It’s part of her spiritual practice when she’s cultivating her godliness.

On Our Relationship with Money

  • Money is deeply spiritual. It connects to everywhere, including our relationship with energy and food.
  • Money isn’t just about money; it’s about what we can do and who we can help with it.
  • We have to understand our lineage of belief around money. Then, we have to identify the relationship we want to create with it moving forward.
  • Integrity with money is different for everyone. Amina is inviting people to get conscious of it.
  • Women reinvest up to 80% of their money into communities and families. Meanwhile, men reinvest only around 30%.

Amina’s Practice with Money

  • Amina’s money practice is spiritual.
  • The JARS system encourages you to have different jars for the valuable areas of your life. Then, you will redirect the percentages of money you earn into those jars.
  • Through this system, you see the energy of growth and momentum.

On a Woman’s Guilt Around Attaining Financial Success

  • Historically, it’s new for women to have autonomy around money.
  • We’re healing decades of women’s trauma around money in our generation.
  • Women are still trying to figure out money, its energy, and what it looks like for them.

What’s Next for Amina

  • It’s always a joy and honor for Amina to meet women she’s meant to work with.
  • She is launching a corporate offering for men on how to support women in leadership.
  • We need to educate the people around women so they can invest in women and in woman empowerment.

Amina’s Advice to Women Who are Figuring Things Out

  • Start with the self. How can you support yourself?
  • You can establish your relationship with yourself through journaling practice.
  • We need to be on our own team first before reaching out to the community.

How Amina Feels Radically Loved

  • Amina feels radically loved every day, knowing that God has invited her every single step of the way.
  • She knows that everything has been in service to her growth and the people she gets to teach.

5 Powerful Quotes

[06:23] “Careers and expressions aren’t linear. We get to follow the footprint of our soul and come home to ourselves. It doesn’t have to look one way.”


[13:00] “To build confidence, specifically for women, women of color, and marginalized communities, we need community, curiosity, and permission.”


[16:24] “Our soul has so much wisdom. Our relationship to spirituality and a higher power, there’s so much wisdom in there that we can carry forward.”


[18:09] “If I were to synthesize my work into sound bites, it would be perpetually teaching to choose faith over fear, and how all of this work really is a conduit to freedom.”


[31:59] “Establishing a connection with yourself first and foremost is one of the most powerful, loving, generous things we can do.”

About Amina

Amina AlTai is a leadership coach, holistic mindset and business coach, and corporate trainer. She is the first social entrepreneur to create a methodology supporting both business and people’s health. She has worked on numerous brands and has helped launch over 30 startups throughout her marketing career.

During her struggle with burnout, Amina sought out training in nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness. It became her goal to teach other women to balance a successful career, body, and mind. She has coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs using her proprietary methodology. Amina also writes for major publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Thrive Global, The Observer, MindbodyGreen, Bustle, Byrdie, Yahoo, and more.

If you wish to connect with Amina, you may visit her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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To feeling radically loved,


Nov 10, 2021

From a young age, girls are taught to follow a certain set of rules — rules that can rob us of our creative power. Furthermore, conforming to the “good girl” label haunts us until adulthood, becoming wired in our mindset and in how we present ourselves. But we are more than what the good girl myth  tells us to be. We are bold, powerful, and confident, and it's time to break free from this and be our best selves.

In today's episode, Majo Molfino joins us to talk about dismantling the good girl myth. She shares the tools that have helped her deprogram the good girl archetype and the epiphanies that led her there. Majo also imparts her book writing process and the best routine for sinking into deep creative work.

If you’re struggling to break the good girl archetype, this episode will help you learn what you need to do!


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Uncommon Ground with Van Jones


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the tools you can use to work on sustainable changes.
  2. Learn about the five good girl myths and how to dismantle them.
  1. Explore self-inquiry tips that can help you see your counterproductive patterns.


  • Connect with Majo: Website | Instagram
  • Heroine Podcast
  • Break the Good Girl Myth by Majo Molfino
  • Burning Man
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Episode Highlights

Majo’s Background

  • Her family immigrated to the U.S. from Argentina when she was young.
  • Being an immigrant shaped her life. She feared that her parents would feel like leaving their country was a waste.
  • So, she worked hard at school to make them proud and happy.
  • When she graduated, she had an existential spiritual crisis and felt lost after not having any more rules to follow.

Big Catalyst Moment

  • Majo scored a 9 to 5 research job in Washington, D.C., which her father was happy about.
  • Upon seeing herself in the mirror wearing a black blazer and pants, she felt like she was wearing a costume.
  • That moment of disidentification became a big “aha” for Majo. It was when her consciousness started to shift.
  • Many epiphanies happened and stacked up in her twenties that allowed her to find her own path.
  • Yoga and meditation played significant roles in her awakening.

Working on Sustainable Change

  • She spent a decade trying to deprogram the good girl archetype that she built up until she was 20 years old.
  • The tools that helped her were breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, psychedelics, and design thinking.
  • Psychedelics enormously helped her see that she was caged in a hypermasculine capitalistic orientation.
  • She learned about the process of tinkering and prototyping while finishing her Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology.
  • Majo brings together all these tools in her unique method of coaching.

On Psychedelics

  • At first, Majo thought that psychedelics equate to drugs and bad stuff.
  • After quitting her second job, she decided to go to Burning Man, a social experiment event in the desert.
  • Burning Man’s counterculture environment helped her as someone who was always in a system. It revolved around radical self-expression, gift economy, and spirituality.
  • There, a man in his 50s offered her “medicine and sacrament.” Being in a safe and sacred context, she trusted her intuition and took it.
  • This experience made her realize how much suppressed creativity she had. It became one of her biggest epiphanies.

Dismantling the Good Girl Archetype

  • For Majo, the process happened in many instances.
  • However, what accelerated the journey for her was understanding the five good girl myths.
  • Seeing these patterns in herself, her clients, listeners, friends, and family inspired her to write the book.
  • Majo believes that we are born into a patriarchal society with a very defined idea of what a girl and woman should be.

Good Girl Myths

  • We each all have our own dominant good girl myth.
  • For Majo, it’s the myth of perfection: having impossibly high standards for herself and other people.
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn more about the other good girl myths!
  • Journaling has helped Majo a great deal. Specifically, she tracks her menstrual cycle to see patterns.
  • She’s a huge proponent of taking action. It helps her see her other blind spots and continue to lean into her edges.

Writing the Book

  • A well-thought-out proposal and structure will help you keep the flow when working on manuscripts.
  • It was challenging for her to get her core argument down and reach conceptual clarity.
  • The highlight for her was the research part, going down from one rabbit hole to another.
  • She worked on writing only around three to four hours a day because of the required attentional focus.
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn about Majo’s writing schedule!

Advice on Creative Work and Going Through a Hard Time

  • Eliminate making as many choices as possible to prevent decision fatigue.
  • Creatives have the most boring routine. They adhere to this to focus on deep creative work.
  • It’s a good thing to be at a low point. It’s a sign that you’re undergoing a powerful transformation.
  • Be patient with yourself and have a lot of self-compassion.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[3:17] “Our engrainment was to follow the rules, keep your nose, you know, keep your nose to the grindstone, like, just don't ask questions, just do what you need to do.”

[8:02] “One of the things that I learned that blew my head off was the process of tinkering, and prototyping and that really helped me build a lot of creative confidence, and helped me undo a lot of perfectionism that I had somehow picked up.”

[18:10] “We're born into a patriarchal society that has a very defined idea of how a girl and a woman should be…but it's up to us to choose if that actually feels integrated, or actually feels right for us.”

[19:13] “My dominant good girl myth is the myth of perfection. So for me, it's having impossibly high standards for myself and other people, and not being able to sort of accept the messiness of life and the way things are.”

[30:49] “If you are going through a hard time right now... it's a good thing to be there and that you are most likely undergoing a powerful transformation. And there is light at the end of this tunnel.”

About Majo

Majo Molfino is a Woman’s Leadership Coach who guides multi-passionate professional women to design their creative purpose. She is the host of the Heroine Podcast, a show featuring women creative leaders and visionaries in innovative fields. Majo supports women through her inspirational content and programs.

Majo is the author of the #1 Amazon New Release Break the Good Girl Myth. She has been featured in various media platforms, including Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, FastCoDesign, and more.

If you want to connect with Majo, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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To feeling radically loved,


Nov 5, 2021

Books are a totally different medium from television shows, movies, and podcasts. They’re unique in the way that they require us to truly be immersed in the worlds they contain. We can’t multitask while reading and opening books . As a result, the ideas on every page infiltrate our DNA in a profound manner. So if you have any kind of question, there is probably a book out there that can provide the answers.

In this episode, Uli Beutter Cohen joins us to talk about books, and how they shape ourselves and allow us to peer into others’ realities. We also talk about how the universe finds ways to converse with us amid the loss of a loved one. She discusses her book, Between the Lines: Stories from the Underground, which was inspired by hundreds of subway conversations. Uli also highlights the importance of empathy in a world of othering.

If you want to know more about the power of opening books in finding answers, tune in to this episode!

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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the power of just being and letting miracles come our way.
  2. Discover how we are meant to equally receive all the love and radical acceptance available in the world.
  3. Understand the profoundness of reading and opening books.


Episode Highlights

Ray’s Passing

  • Uli shared her recent heartbreak of bidding farewell to her 18-year-old cat, Ray. Despite preparing a lot of things for her cat, it was still an unpleasant experience.
  • Knowing beforehand that her cat would soon pass away didn’t make it easier. She shares that you can’t escape losing someone, and so you just have to surrender.
  • A few days after Ray’s passing, Uli found a blue parakeet on the ground. She believes that he gave the bird as a gift.
  • This experience taught Uli that we must be ready for miracles that come our way.
  • Despite our loved ones passing, their love for us never disappears. Their love is alive. Tune in to the full episode to hear what other gifts Ray has been leaving Uli!

Subway Book Review

  • Uli started Subway Book Review seven years ago when she had just moved to New York City. She thought this space could help her understand why the city is so magical.
  • She chose the subway because the underground movements are the birthplace of so many human rights and artistic movements.
  • In addition, Uli finds the subway phenomenal for only moving forward. It’s also very democratic—everyone takes the subway.
  • What stood out to her was how many people were reading books on the subway.

Books and Accessing Others’ Minds

  • A lot of people read and start opening books mostly to escape into another world.
  • But for Uli, she used her book as a way to begin conversations with strangers on the subway and to know their thoughts.
  • Her interviews point out one thing: we are meant to equally receive all the love and radical acceptance available in the world.
  • The book contains conversations from people who are reinventing the status quo and dreaming up what can be. She believes these are the people we must listen to.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear more stories about these conversations!

Empathy and Othering

  • Othering refers to the separation of oneself from others. This concept is deeply interrelated with empathy.
  • You must start accepting and empathizing with yourself first so that othering can be a foreign concept to you.
  • Only after you start figuring out your relationship with yourself can you work out your place in the world.
  • People are meant to be a wonder for you. They should not be seen as separate entities.

Separating from Oneself

  • Most people live their lives preparing themselves for whatever the world brings their way.
  • In fact, productivity and self-help tools can sometimes get in the way of being still.
  • But because we don’t have an unstructured time where we can just be still and be present, we miss out on what the world has to offer.
  • Sometimes, divergence from our set paths is not coincidental but actually comes at the perfect time.

Books and Multitasking

  • There’s a lot of connection in social media.
  • But opening books and reading them is one of the few things you cannot multitask. It requires your entire being to be present.
  • Books infiltrate and shape you profoundly in a way that other forms of media can’t.
  • And if you have any kind of questions, there are books out there meant to give answers.
  • Thus, reading is for people who really seek answers to their questions.

Our Shared Realities

  • There are as many realities as there are people. Throughout the years, it is through books that we’re able to share these realities.
  • Uli wants to create a space for healing, opening our hearts, and exploring the mind.
  • Her book is a book of answers and possibilities.

How Uli Feels Radically Loved

  • Uli feels radically loved when, despite the chaos and a lack of control, she still shows up for herself and remains honest with herself.
  • She welcomes all emotions and difficulties, and she’ll take one day, one step at a time.

5 Powerful Quotes

[4:18] “When you know [death is] coming, it does not make it easier. It makes it crazier because you see it approaching, and there's no escape. There's no control in it, right? You have to just surrender. It's the ultimate surrender of all surrenders”

[10:18] “There is no end to the love … Human loss, pet loss, the love is still very much alive. Focus on that, as opposed to the grief of losing something because the love is not lost, the love is there.”

[11:14] “The entire universe wants to converse with us… And I think that it's very easy for humans to feel and actually to forget that we're part of nature and that we are part of the eternal universe.”

[18:16] “It starts with the relationship with yourself first. And then from there, you can figure out what your place in the world is.”

[22:15] “A book is one of the last things if not the only thing that you cannot multitask… Therefore, [it] infiltrates your DNA in a profound way. That is why books stay with us totally differently than… anything else we consume that is media.”

About the Guest

Uli Beutter Cohen is an artist and documentarian, and the creator of Subway Book Review. Her interviews and stories involving human connection and belonging have been published in numerous journals and magazines, such as The Washington Post, Here Magazine, The Creative Independent, and HuffPost.

If she’s not looking for people to talk to in the subway, she creates creative content for companies like Nike and Warby Parker. She now resides in New York with her husband and Poppy Pete the Parakeet. 

Check out her book Between the Lines: Stories from the Underground, and connect with her via Instagram or her website!

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Don't forget to send us messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks for listening!

To feeling radically loved,


Nov 3, 2021

Nobody likes getting irritated, frustrated, or overwhelmed. But it’s part of life. After all, we’re all just humans. However, when we don’t get to process and overcome these kinds of emotions, we tend to lash out or hurt others unintentionally. This is why we could all put conscious effort into our management of emotions . Being mindful protects our peace of mind and those of the people around us.

In this episode, Rosie and Tessa reflect on experiences where they felt irritated, frustrated, or overwhelmed. They try to find wisdom in these experiences and share how they dealt with such instances. They get real about times they faltered and share insights on how to show up when you’re about to snap out of it. Feeling irritated is inevitable at times, so they emphasize why it’s a very human thing to feel and how it can be handled.

If you find yourself always feeling irritated or overwhelmed and want to know more about the management of emotions, then this episode is for you!

Here are the three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the wisdom behind feeling irritated, frustrated, and overwhelmed.
  2. Discover the importance of leaving space and being mindful when things get irritating.
  3. Gain insights on the management of emotions and how to show up when something throws you off.

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  • Check out Rosie’s YouTube channel for the upcoming episodes of Wisdom Wednesdays.
  • Have a nugget of wisdom you want to be discussed on Wisdom Wednesdays? Send us an email at
  • FREE Action Guide! Apply the lessons you learn from this episode as you listen! Sign up at com, and I’ll send it right away!


Episode Highlights

Dropping the F-Bomb

  • Some moments just make you go “fuck.”
  • For Tessa, it is a way for her to speak her mind freely. It is part of the process of expressing herself emotionally.
  • Sometimes, there are just no other words to express how we’re feeling that we end up cussing.
  • Rosie recalls a conversation with a friend and mentor about utilizing language efficiently in the full episode!
  • Being frustrated and irritated is a very human moment. No amount of training or experience can help you in the management of emotions when you’re feeling these.

Drawing Wisdom From Rosie and Tessa’s Photoshoot

  • Rosie and Tessa did a photoshoot recently for the podcast. Tessa felt awkward in front of the camera and asked Rosie for advice.
  • However, Rosie wasn’t always a natural in front of the camera. She actually doesn’t like being in the spotlight. However, she does it in service of being in service.
  • When she needs to be the center of attention, Rosie channels her dad, who was a vocalist.
  • Conveying someone else’s energy, like someone we look up to, is a way to think with more clarity, especially when we get stuck in our thoughts and feelings.
  • Channeling someone else allows us to draw wisdom from them and to zoom out from our narrow-mindedness at the moment.

The Feeling of Pressure and Overwhelm

  • Pressure is self-inflicted. Being aware of the pressure you’re putting on yourself is key to moving out of the overwhelm.
  • We tend to put so much weight into what other people think about us. It throws us into feeling overwhelmed and compressed.
  • Sometimes, all you have to do is pause for a moment and step away before you take it out on others or lash out.

Management of Emotions through Actions

  • Rosie’s solution is to list down all things you have to do, then classify them according to urgency, difficulty, and fear of doing it.
  • When you restructure your list and do things one by one, you can accomplish tasks sooner.
  • Notifications and reminder alerts can also cause pressure.
  • When these get overwhelming, take a moment to step away. Most of the time, things aren’t actually that big of a deal.

Dealing with Frustration

  • It’s a matter of perspective. Rosie shares how reminding herself of the important things helps her deal with frustration.
  • Listening to music is one way to shift your energy and move into a space that allows you to tune in with yourself and be more present.
  • It helps to be mindful about your own energy before interacting with other people, so you don’t inevitably interrupt somebody else’s space.
  • Tune in to the full episode to hear about Rosie’s altercation with a yoga teacher.
  • That story is a reminder that we falter, and that’s just being human. But we should always try to be mindful of our energy, so we don’t end up hurting other people.

5 Powerful Quotes

[04:36] “Utilizing your language in a more efficient way allows you to rise to your highest.”

[07:08] “I think it’s important for us to be able to talk about [feeling overwhelmed and irritated], and to try and find the wisdom in that experience, and not make ourselves feel bad for being human.”

[17:02] “The perspective of the outside wisdom, the outside person, the teacher, whoever it is that you look to as a point of reference, it’s not always assuming that we’re stepping into their shoes, but we’re drawing from their wisdom.”

[21:19] “We put so much weight into what other people think about us, our worth, and our work that we utilize that to compound our own feelings of not feeling enough, not feeling like we’re doing enough, not feeling like we’re accomplishing enough.”

[37:53] “Be mindful of your energy, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. That’s the wisdom.”